I love using the chromatic scale for warmup/technique because the pattern is easy to memorize and I can focus on my right hand. I assign a left hand finger to a fret. So that means….my first finger takes care of all of notes on the first fret, second finger takes care of all the notes on the second fret and so on.

Exercise 1:

Chromatic scale.jpg

Play through the scale ascending and descending as well as at different speeds. For classical/fingerstyle players, focus on the a finger on the right hand. This finger tends to be the weakest finger and developing that finger will help improve your overall technique dramatically.

I’ll practice this scale:

i-m, m-i, m-a, a-m, p-i, p-m, p-a.

If you are using a pick: down-down, up-up, and alternate down-up and up-down.

You can make things interesting by practicing variations of the scale. For example:

Exercise 2:

Chromatic Scale Variations.jpg

I will do the same thing with a three octave chromatic scale:

Exercise 3:

Chromatic Scale 3 octaves.jpg