Visions and Dreams

My dream of being a rock star died a looooooooooooong time ago (in a galaxy far….ok, I will stop). It’s hard to be a rock star if you don’t join a band, or play live, or do anything really other than play your guitar in your bedroom. I had this dream way before I knew about the internet, and youtube, blah blah

Dreams are important. A lot of people have dreams but they don’t become realized. At the core of my rock star dream was the thought of playing music, possibly even making a living at music. I do that now. I make my living from teaching, performing, selling sheet music and recordings. I guess I am living my dream, although unlike rock stars, nobody is throwing their underwear at me.

It’s good to dream and it is good to follow your dreams. Some dreams are harder to achieve than others. My dream of being a rock star involved me meeting the right musicians, writing good songs, and getting the right people to hear us. Of the three, only the middle one (writing good songs) is in my control. The other two, luck plays a hand. Dream away though. Dream high and don’t put limits on yourself. If you want to be the first person to give a solo flute concert on Mars….go for it. Who’s to say you can’t. Just make sure you learn how to play the flute.

Visions, to me, are more important than dreams. Visions are a thing to come. It’s a subtle difference in my head but I see visions as a glimpse into my future. Something that will happen if I work at it. Dreams, to me, are less specific and don’t have a strong feeling associated with it. I remember back in middle school looking at a box of tapes (this was the 80s) and having a vision of me creating a bunch of tapes (albums, CDs, whatever you want to call it). I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the feeling I had and I can still feel that feeling to this day. I have only recently begun to realize that vision. To date I have eight recordings and I have plans for two more in 2016.

Listen to your dreams and visions, they are a glimpse into your future. Don’t listen to anybody telling you can’t do something. You never know until you try.