A Partial List of Everything I Hate

I hate to add more negativity to the world but sometimes it just needs to come out…

(In no particular order)…

I hate changing guitar strings

I Hate going to bed

Once I am in bed I hate getting out of bed particularly if it is early.

I hate getting haircuts. It’s not the haircut I hate it is the small talk. I’m not good at small talk and I feel awkward sitting there being quiet while he or she is cutting my hair

I hate being 41. Halfway to 82. It seems like yesterday I was 12 which means it will seem like tomorrow and I will be 70. (Odd logic I know. Makes sense  in my head).

I hate driving in snow

I hate snow after Jan. 1

I really hate snow in March

I hate the movie, Same Time Next Year. I will never get those two hours back.

I hate the TV show, Saved by the Bell. I know there is a nostalgia thing going on for some people with that show. Not for me. Pure hate.

In the same vein I hate the show, Full House.

I hate getting my oil changed for the same reason I hate getting my haircut. Not good at small talk and I feel awkward sitting in my car not taking to them. I think I might hate getting oil changes more than I hate getting haircuts because the oil change people are always trying to sell me something. “I think you might need a new filter.”

I hate the fact that me and everyone else I know is going to die someday. That thought really bums me out. I know about heaven and hell but still, you have to get there somehow and there are a lot of bad ways to die. I just hope my death doesn’t end up on the nightly news.

I hate weather people. Actually it is more love/hate. I love weather but I hate how weather people act like they can tell the future. Most of the time, it seems, they are off but when they get it right they let you know about it. “As we predicted five days ago we are gonna get 2 inches of snow tonight.” Yet they are rarely upfront about when they are wrong. “A week ago we predicted it would be sunny and warm today….sorry about the 4 inches of snow and 50 mile an hour winds. We messed that up.”

I hate political seasons. This should be a fun year. I mean that (Not at all).

I hate people who try to sell me things.

I hate the fact that in a few years I have to get a colonoscopy. The thought makes me weak in my knees.

I hate changing dirty diapers.

I hate changing dirty diapers in a parking lot outside of Staples on a seat that is not level and a child who is excited because she is laying down on a seat she never gets to sit on because she is always in her car seat.

I hate the fact that Guns n’ Roses broke up although I love the rumors that they are getting back together.

I hate that Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, Christopher Parkening, and John Williams are no longer in their prime (or in the case of Andres Segovia…DEAD) and aren’t touring the lands.

I think that is enough hate for one day.