Here is a unique gift idea for yourself, a loved one, a friend, or an enemy...have a piece written using your/their name. 

Say what?

Yeah, it's called a musical cryptogram and it has been used by people like J.S. Bach, Dmitri Shostakovich, and many others. Here is an example using my name (Robert Lunn)...

To see the full score click here.

How does it work?

Well I start with my code. For every letter there is a corresponding musical note associated with it. What I did was for letters A-G, I used the musical notes A-G. For the remaining letters in the alphabet I went up the chromatic scale (A, B-flat, B, C, C-sharp, and so on). 

So for my name I would use these notes....

I then used those notes to create a small piece of music. 

Can you do that for me?

Yes, I would love to do that. 

How much?


How long will it take?

A few days. I will email you and let you know.

What do I get?

I will email you a pdf of the score and an mp3 of me playing it on the guitar. I will mail you a physical copy of the score, the original handwritten pages I used to come up with ideas, and a flash drive that includes all of my sheet music. 

How long will the piece be?

40 seconds on up to a min.

Will you autograph it?

Of course

Can you do it in guitar tab?

Of course

Will it sound good?

I will make it as beautiful as I can. 

How do I get started? First step is to purchase. I will email you to give you an idea of how long it will be (usually 2-3 days) and talk about anything special you would like. 

Contact me if you have any questions. 



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