My main musical activities include playing guitar, writing, and teaching. I started on the violin in 4th grade because my parents felt that I should learn a musical instrument. That lasted until high school when I heard Eruption by Eddie Van Halen and decided that was the path I should follow. I bought a cheap guitar and amp from Sears and started on my quest to shred. I never did really learn how to shred because I didn’t have the patience to practice. Instead I improvised, learned portions of songs and wrote music.

Just before starting college I heard Leyenda by Isaac Albeniz performed by John Williams and decided I wanted to learn that. So, as a freshman in college, I studied classical guitar with Larry Malfroid. While at college I also studied composition with Russell Floyd. After graduation I complete my master’s in composition and theory at Penn State and recently I completed my doctorate at Ohio State in composition.

I have composed music for a variety of instruments and ensembles, including clarinet, piano, saxophone, string quartet, and orchestra. Lately I have been composing mainly for the guitar. The reason for this is I want pieces to play. When I am writing a piece for the guitar I tend to learn it as I am writing it, in that way, it is less painful, as I am not a big fan of practicing.

If you want to hear some of my work, head to my youtube channel.


Photographer: Samuel Lunn

Musician: Robert Lunn

Event: Annual Holland Michigan Street Performers Series