Week of April 22, 2018

Well first off, I've got a new album! It's called, Blue Dragon From Afar. 

Blue Dragon Album cover.jpg

It contains improvisations, originals, arrangements (Scarborough Fair among others), and two pieces sung by my daughter, Grace. Here is a bluesy piece she sung about her excitement about going to Great Wolf Lodge....

I was playing my guitar in the kitchen and she just started singing. Totally improved the lyrics!! Side note...she just turned 5 and is very excited about that.


Anyways...the album is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and a whole bunch of other places. Check it out!

I have two more albums planned this year. One is a mix of originals and arrangements and another is an album of Laments. 

Here are a couple of my more recent videos...

Locomotion comes from my Year of the Guitar Suite. You can download the music/tab for that suite of pieces for free on my Free Music page. 

I post a lot of short videos and so I thought it might be nice to post some longer ones. I'm calling them Youtube concerts for now. Lame title, I know. If you have a better suggestion feel free to contact me. While I am on that subject feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Musically related questions are probably the best. I'm not good with 'life advice.'

Anyways...thanks for listening. I work really hard writing and learning music. It is satisfying to know that some people like what I do.