March 10, 2017

I am just about finished with my new album of originals and arrangements. It's gonna be a wild one. Electric/classical guitar, skits, rants...should be entertaining! 

I've been posting videos daily on Instagram and Twitter so if you are interested please follow me there. 

You can expect a lot of new music from me this year. Besides the album I am finishing up I will be releasing 2 more volumes of easy arrangements, an album of wailing electric guitar, an easy listening classical guitar album, and an album of classical guitar 'classics.'

Here are a few of my most recent videos... I always see this piece as a runaway train. It just keeps going and going and doesn't stop and if I think about it too much--it can all go bad quickly!! Great piece. Comes from a lute suite (BWV 996) by Bach. Enjoy! -Rob I love the sound of a wailing guitar. My favorite movie scene is from Back to the Future when Marty goes nuts on the guitar after playing Johnny B. Goode. Playing through a Crybaby Wah and guitar rig. I recorded myself practicing a couple weeks ago and then cut all of the bad parts, or at least most of them. Pieces include...